With the growing crime rates across the cities safety of your business premises and warehouses have become a matter of concern. A burglary or a theft leads to a devastating consequences not just financially but emotionally too. People tend to overlook, ignore and underestimate the need of taking security measures. Breaking open the Shutter is the most common modus operandi noticed in the case of theft, loot, robbery and riots. Keeping a security guard is not a viable option as security guards are either killed or lured by the burglars into the conspiracy.

Researchers say that alarm systems help deter the burglars. Researchers also proved that burglars would be hesitant to enter a place fitted with alarm systems. So a proper security system which is affordable and advance in technology is the need of an hour.

Choosing a proper security system is the key element in the whole process. It is always recommended that one should go for a company that is recognized and well reputed.

“SATSANG GLOBAL SECURITY” is one of its kind and the most viable option. It is a typically designed tailor made surveillance system that provides you the ability to monitor your place no matter where you are. It is a wireless GSM gadget having two phone lines and comes with hassle free installation.


This system is fitted on the pad lock of any shutter with nuts & bolts and this fitting takes hardly 15-20 minutes for any Shutter. Before shutting down the shutter turn on the key to activate the Security Alarm system, After closing the shutter, you can lock the shutter from outside. The plunger, which is attached with the systems, when pressed by the ground on closing the shutter, gets inserted into the system and the system gets activated. If any intruder tries to break the shutter even by 1.5 inches, the plunger becomes free and the system gets into alarm mode. Within 15-20 seconds the siren starts blowing and continues almost for 15 minutes for 20 cycles upto overall 3 Hours incessantly and at the same time you also receive the dialing on your mobile with continuous redialing. Now the safety at your fingertips.

As the name suggests the system once activated due to any illegal entry, gets into alarm mode and hooter is loud enough to alert you on your mobile phone and the people around the premises. The buzzing loud siren is shrill enough to send a burglar running away while also notifying the nearby people and police station (if customer require so). This kind of system conveys an effective message that your premise is professionally protected and burgling this place is not a wise choice. Thus this intelligent surveillance system gives you a sound sleep even if you are out of town.

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